Retention Mesh Square LA (thick line)
*Retention Wax / Bar Retention Wax is for partial denture technique (Model Casting technique)*

Retention Wax: Especially for maxillary (upper-jaw) partial denture use.
Bar Retention Wax: Especially for lower-jaw partial denture use.

Retention Wax is for shaping the retentions. When shaped as usual, the grid structure of SIVUCH Retention Wax remains unchanged. It's easy to adapt, stable, tension-free and wax meshes adhere well to the investment model. SIVUCH Retention Wax also has universal mesh structure leading to best casting results.
Available in many types and sizes, dental technicians can choose whatever they want according to their needs or habits.

Item No. DW-6014LA
Size 70x70 mm
Thickness 0.8 mm
Package 20 pcs /box 
Line width 0.75 mm
Area of a hole 2.0 x 2.0 mm
Color Red