Bar Retention Wax

Especially for lower-jaw partial denture use.

Retention Wax is for shaping the retentions. When shaped as usual, the grid structure of SIVUCH Retention Wax remains unchanged. It’s easy to adapt, stable, tension-free and wax meshes adhere well to the investment model. SIVUCH Retention Wax also has universal mesh structure leading to best casting results.

Solidification/Melting Point: 54~58℃

Thickness: 1.2 mm
Length: 130 mm
Package: 25 pcs/box
Colour: Red




Item No.

Perforated Oval Retention (A) STR-7947A
Perforated Retention (B) STR-7947B
 Perforated Retention (C) STR-7947C
Perforated Retention Staggered (D) STR-7947D
Perforated Ridge Retention (E) STR-7947E
Palatal fold template

Thickness: 1.2mm

Package: 10pcs/box